Survive the Wilds with Top 5 Camping Gears

Since it is summer already and camping season is coming, we took the liberty of presenting you some of the popular camping gadgets and products to aid you in your survival. Remember, it’s a jungle out there.

The first order of camping is preparation. You can have the latest GPS or satellite phone with you but without power, all of your 21st century items are next to dead weight. Good thing there’s Orange’s Pump Charger. With the use of a foot pump, its miniature generator can produce electricity via a turbine that changes mechanical energy to electrical energy. It’s relatively easy to use since a foot pumping effort to inflate an equivalent of a pillow will give you enough juice to make a 5 minute call.


Camping will only be half an experience when you don’t have a night light or a lamp since nocturnal activities will be mostly limited to sleeping. The K-Light LED Lantern from PiSAT Solar is just the thing you need for after dark camping activities. It’s a lamp powered by solar panels with 16 LED light for high and 8 LED light for low light settings. This green lantern is so convenient that an hour of clear daylight can power the lantern for 1-2 hours.

Camping will be a survival boot camp without tents – and a cozy and comfortable one at that. For the serious camper, there is the Eureka Intent Tent. It is a military grade, lightweight and tough tent integrated with solar LED panel to provide power to the tent’s light. Not just that, the panel can also serve as AA battery charger. The tent’s 2-pole square dome design makes it easy to put up and can house 6 people. Thanks to its spacious 121 sq feet base area and 6’6” height.


For the Jedi campers who want next level camping (galaxy far away icy planet Hoth level, yes?), there is the Tauntaun sleeping bag. This 100% Polyester sleeping bag is embroidered with head pillow and is designed after the Tauntaun from Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. It is complete with realistic fur, saddle, insides and glowing lightsaber zip pull.


What separates a smart camper from regular camping Joes is the Camping Gas Stove. Its 350 x 95 x 350mm dimension makes it portable. Since it stores away from its carrying case, it’s very ideal for camping. It uses 150g of Liquid Butane Gas per hour of usage and has a heat capacity of 6,982 BTU. The stove is also equipped with the latest pressure sensor ignition and auto cut out features.

There you have it, our top camping gadgets. Keep in mind that a prepared camper is a happy camper!

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