Surf Shelf – Laptop Holder for Fitness Geeks

Some people are just too obsessed with their laptops that they cannot even part from them even during their workouts. Are you one of them? Do you love to exercise daily and regularly but can’t live without a laptop in front of you? Yes? Then you have to get the Surf Shelf!

Surf Shelf is a laptop holder, but it’s not a common laptop holder because it can attach you laptop to your treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical so you can surf the Internet, blog on it or watch some of your favorite videos online while you are doing your work out. The tray of the SurfShelf will accommodate any laptop on the market including 17 inch wide-screens. If the laptop is wider than the SurfShelf, no problem, the Velcro strap will ensure that it’s totally secure.

The SurfShelf is also completely transparent so you can easily see the exercise machine readout, with sleek design that stays out of your way while you exercise, 100% Polycarbonate, with adjustable angle settings to fit any exercise machine console, with air vents to keep your laptop or DVD player cool, and it easily collapses and fits together for storage in a briefcase or gym bag.surfshelfAssuming you already own a treadmill that’s gathering dust, the SurfShelf is the easiest way of getting you back on that thing. And if you’re a freelancer or the type of person who spends much of your day on a laptop, this could be the healthiest gadget you buy this year. Get it here!

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