Sungale Kula IPTV – Personal Tube on the Go

Television is one of man’s greatest inventions, just a wee bit behind fire, wheel and La-Z-Boy recliners. With the airwaves teeming with Wi-Fi signals waiting to be taken advantage of, mobile TV is the next logical evolution for entertainment. Besides, mobile TV is all the hype these days; who wouldn’t want to carry their favorite TV program with them anywhere? In relation to that, Sungale – a known consumer electronics manufacturer company, provided a sneak peak of their 2010 product lineup that includes a mobile Wi-Fi enabled IPTV device. Introducing Kula IPTV, the company’s first take on a Wi-Fi enabled portable media player.
sungale-kula-iptvKula is inexpensive IPTV solutions that can access a variety of live streaming television programs around the globe that can be filtered by country, language and topic. Alongside the launching of Kula, Sungale will be offering different customizable channel packages such as the Kid and Basic that gives access to 100 free channels. Subscribers can opt to upgrade to the Grand package which will give access to over 500 channels and a full year try out service.

As an IPTV media player, Kula features a bright 4.3” display, 2GB of internal memory expandable to 16GB thru SD/MMC card slot and a rechargeable battery. This multimedia gadget supports the most popular video, audio and image file format ranging from AVI, MP3 to JPEG.

Get started with Sungale products by clicking here and enjoy entertainment anywhere.

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