Sugar on a Stick

Flash drives are the “in” thing along with the popularity of the “swiss tool” USB port . With flash drives, data are copied from one computer to another with ease and the small size aptly makes it called a thumb drive. These thumb drives are more than medium for file transfer but could they be medium for education?

SugaronastickBlueberryThe OLPC project and its little green and white laptop aims to equip children from developing countries the skills that they need most instead of office productivity software. But the project is facing some tough challenges with some sponsors pulling out of the race for pushing education and lack financial backing. But now, everyone can help in OLPC’s dream of helping children and giving them the real OS that would suit them by creating Sugar on a Stick. The Sugar is an operating system that is based on the Linux Fedora system. It has an automatic diary system instead of files and folders that you commonly found in ordinary computers that would mean easier learning for children. Sugar on a Stick is a bootable flash drive where the Sugar OS can be ran without complicated installations. Now, anyone can download the Sugar OS and transform their dusty old flash drives into Sugar on Stick drives which you can donate to less fortunate schools. Also, this means that a person living in a developing country can take advantage of the learning tools present in Sugar OS without having to wait for OLPC to gather funding for the laptops to arrive.

You can also get Fedora bootable flash drives here.

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