Sticky Geeks

Not exactly a high-tech accessory for your home and office – there are no buttons to press that produce lights and bleeps, nor do these add-ons feature state-of-the-art technology to make your life easier. They’re simple decals to spice up your home or work area, but they proudly brandish the geek chic in you. Presenting, the drool-worthy ways to take pride in your geekdom:

1) PC badges

casebadges1Are you an avid Linux user, or a proud retro gamer? Make sure you and your PC both tell the world about it by sticking these badges on your desktop. If your officemates don’t get it, you can proudly WTF them and poke fun at their archaic cultural knowledge.

2) Nintendo Wall Graphics

nintendo_wall_graphicsWho does not care for this lovable iconic video game character? Relive your days of the superhero carpenter by surrounding yourself in World 1-1. This classic game is sure to add fun and personality to your otherwise blah cubicle.

3) Iron-On Patches

patches1Stuck with a humdrum office wardrobe? Tired of donning that black blazer and strangling tie? Add a patch of delight to your otherwise boring get-up and boast your hi-tech intellect at the same time. And if in a meeting someone pokes fun at your for being a “Geek”, you can threaten to spread the love (virus) in their email.

Bumper stickers and metal buttons that shout Suave Geekie are also available. So if you want to prove to the rest of the world that you’re in, and they’re out, grab a couple of these no-tech personality boosters.

See more geekdom goodies here.

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