Stay Connected Always with inPulse – The Handsfree Blackberry Watch

handsfree_blackberry_watchDo you always fumble inside your bag to get your mobile phone? Have you ever missed an important call just because you failed to feel your phone vibrating or hear it ringing? Did you ever wish to have a cool gadget that can connect you to your phone via Bluetooth, alerting you of incoming SMS, calls, and even emails? If you answer yes to all these, then it’s high time you get inPulse – the handsfree watch for Blackberry.

At first glance, you will think that inPulse is just like an ordinary wristwatch. But once you’ve seen it closer, you will realize that it functions far beyond one. With inPulse, you get to see new messages in an instant. Now, you don’t have to fumble inside your bag just to get your phone. And if you keep missing a call simply because you could not hear the phone ringing or feel its vibration, this device will just be the answer to your woe. It features a built-in vibrating motor so you will be alerted when someone is calling.

inPulse is really the gadget to go if you always want to stay connected. Now, even if your phone is inside your bag or if your hands are full, you get to read your messages and answer your calls without the hassle. So, say goodbye to fumbling inside your bag and to missing those important calls. Get this handsfree watch for Blackberry to stay connected, always. Or if you want, you can look at these Blackberry bluetooth at for more options.

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