Spy Cobra – The Cool Blooded Spy

spy-cobraThe Cold War is pretty much over but the espionage battle is far from done. Any aspiring Agent 007 or counter intelligent operative would be delighted to have their hands on the latest covert digital information retrieval thingy – Spy Cobra. I know it sounds sinister (G.I. Joe comes to mind) but this innocent looking sleek USB thumb drive is very much more than it seems. When plugged to a computer, it secretly “plants” a program that periodically captures keystrokes, visited websites and monitor screenshots. To “harvest” the data collected, just re-insert the Spy Cobra and all the information gathered will be uploaded to the USB drive to be viewed safely at another time, place or PC. From information gathering to security and even employee or child monitoring, the possible use of this device is endless.

The major convenience of Spy Cobra is that you don’t need to leave the hardware behind to “bug” a PC. All is done in digital level since a true spy works in the shadows and leaves no traces. This device is widely compatible with different Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Vista and Vista SP1. To catch the Spy Cobra, you can check it out more here.

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