Spring Design’s Alex Dual-Display Android e-book reader: headed for Barnes & Noble?

alexe-book readers have become popular since the introduction of Amazon’s Kindle. Just count how many new e-book readers we have seen recently and how many new companies have stepped into what used to be [almost] Amazon’s advantage. And now, here’s another company called Spring Design offering us another e-book reader. It is called Alex and it is very similar to Barnes & Noble’s nook. Its 6-inch display is monochrome e-ink [not colored], yet it also has a secondary 3.5-inch color screen, it is also based on Google’s Android platform and it comes with 3G and WiFi.

Moreover, the LCD touch screens on both turn off when you start reading on them. And they have similar dimensions. They both have a speaker, support MP3 playback, support EPUB and PDF and a multi-touch touch screen that supports gestures. Then there are the dissimilarities. First, the nook is actually out and you can check it out at Nook.com, while Alex is still in the labs without any word when the thing will be released. Second, B&N charges for RSS feeds, while Alex will get them to you for free because it has a more flexible Android.

There are also page turn buttons on the sides of the Alex, rather than running along either side of the e-ink display, while the usual Android keys are clustered around the lower LCD. Bottom line, it all seems a lot more flexible than Barnes & Noble’s nook – even though they’re both Android-based. This could be one killer device. No idea on pricing details, but you can expect the Alex e-book reader from Spring Design to be released to the masses before the year is over.

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