Spread the Music with Sonos Controller (CR200)

The Sonos Controller gives you instant, wireless access to all your music at the touch of a finger. With the Sonos Controller in hand, you can quickly find and play music from your personal music library, Internet radio and the most popular online music services. The full-color 3.5-inch VGA display, ultra-responsive touch screen and dedicated buttons make it a joy to use. Browse through albums and stations with a flick of a finger or search for your favourites songs by typing on the on-screen keyboard, and then simply touch to play. Yes, just pick it up or touch the screen and you’re in total control.

sonos controllerAnd here’s more! You can play the same song in every room or different songs in different rooms with ease. SonosNet ensures that every Controller works wirelessly, all over the house, so you don’t have to run back and forth to your computer. Instead, you can choose exactly what to play and where to play it from anywhere — sitting on the couch or cooking in the kitchen. You can also turn off the upstairs music from downstairs or change the song in the kitchen from the den. Apart from those, you will also be able to view metadata such as artist information, cover art, and more.

And fortunately, the price of the CR200 has dropped a bit to $349 – a price that now includes the charging cradle. With the included charging cradle, juicing up the controller is easy – making it ready to use at all times.

Drooling? Then get the Sonos CR200 Multiroom Music System Controller now!

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