Spotlight Led Torch – I’m Not Afraid of the Dark

Are you afraid of the dark? How about the pitch black? Do you feel alone in the dark? Since humans are not meant to see in the dark, darkness conveys a feeling of vulnerability to some of us. A car trouble in the heart of nowhere at the middle of the night without a flashlight or spotlight is a situation you wouldn’t like to remember or none the less, experience. With Mini Spotlight LED Torch, there is no need to relive horror movie situations like those. This mini torch has a powerful .5 watt LED bulb equivalent to over 10 times of standard LED lights that can pierce the blackest of nights. The 50 mm long environment friendly rechargeable mini torch is perfect for car owners who want a handy light anytime and anywhere because it will fit most of the cars 12V socket for charging.
Albeit small in size it has great endurance. A single recharging can power the spotlight’s Ni-MH battery for a full 120+ minutes. It is also durable and lightweight (only 45 grams) due to its Aircraft grade aluminum body. As an added bonus, taking it out in the rain or even any weather condition won’t affect its performance since it is waterproof and tested submersible in depths of 15 meters.

This LED torch is available in three different colors of black, titanium and purple – all with red charging indicator. As the saying goes – better have one when you need one than need one and have none.

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