Speak in 12 International Languages with the Travel Translator


Are you heading off to a foreign country for a vacation? How many languages can you speak? Because you might need the Travel Translator in your trip if foreign languages aren’t your strong point. The Travel Translator is a pocket-sized device that holds 8400 commonly used phrases. It will not only say the phrase you need out loud in the language of your choice, but will say it in your language as well as the translated one, so that you know exactly what you’re saying.

The device claims to cross translate and speak in 12 international languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Portuguese. All of the phrases have been grouped into eight different categories including General Speech, Emergency and Medicine, Shopping and Entertainment; Sightseeing, Immigration and Directions, Restaurants, Transport and Hotel and Accommodation. The Travel Translator can also be set up as a clock showing international time and an alarm.

And here’s more, you can save up to 4 frequently used sentences. It comes with a lanyard and a pocket carrying case and it just needs 2 x CR2032 batteries (included) to work. I must say that the Travel Translator ought to be something all-English speaking travellers not leave home without.

Get your own here, or give as a gift to a traveler friend.

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