Space-Challenged? Lenovo IdeaCentre is the Answer!

Who says you need to make room for a desk if you’re planning to purchase a desktop? With Lenovo IdeaCentre Q Series, you can have a high-end desktop even if your room is tight on space. This is perfect for individuals who use their PC for email, light games, music, internet, and other light applications. Despite its compact design, the Lenovo Q Series is capable enough to satisfy your needs.lenovo QSeriesThe Q Series’ basic mini pc, the Q100, operates quietly and consumes 90% less energy compared to standard PCs. Since it makes bulky PCs a thing of the past, you no longer need to struggle where to put it. Such thin nettop has a VGA port which allows you to get your PC connected to your monitor should you wish to output to a large screen.

The Lenovo Q110, on the other hand, comes with upgraded graphics. It surprises spectators with its enhanced storage and Full hi-def support. It boasts 250GB storage plus twice the memory, making it capable enough of storing your multimedia files. And with its HDMI port, you can output your games, photos, and movies into a bigger HD TV. It is available in black or white and it comes equipped with six USB ports and Intel Atom processor.

Furthermore, the IdeaCentre Q700 comes with an amazing 640GB of storage. That’s plenty enough for your favorite videos, games, photos, and music, right? It will satisfy you with Hi-speed processing which prevents it from slowing down even if you run several applications at the same time. And what’s great is, it can support top-level HD graphics in full 1920 x 1080 resolution. Pre-installed in this compact PC is Windows Vista Premium 64-bit edition.

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