Sound Asleep Pillow… Zzz…


There is nothing like a good soothing music or your favorite playlist to rock you down to sleep. But there is nothing more annoying than a roommate playing alternate tune between heavy metal, screeching and colliding cars to literally knock him out. The bottom line is everybody has their own lullaby and it’s probably doing everybody a favor to keep your choice of music to yourself. That is where the Sound Asleep Pillow comes in. A comfortable fluffy pillow with hidden speakers for easy and private listening is truly the perfect pillow for every audiophile. Now you can twist and turn in bed without worrying about earphones falling off or getting tangled. The speakers are well placed and hidden inside the 19’ x 29′ cushion and with the innovative hollowfibre stuffing; you can’t even feel the speakers.

The Sound Asleep Pillow will work with multiple audio players with 3.5 mm plug and is not limited to iPod, radio and mp3 player. Because of the speakers, the pillow itself with its cotton and polyester cover is not washable, if you want to keep the speakers working. You can easily wipe the pillow clean anytime though. Now, there is no excuse not to get that good night sleep you deserve with the Sound Asleep Pillow.

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