Sony SS-B1000 Bookshelf Speakers


Sony SS-B1000 Bookshelf Speakers

Are you looking for that starting point in building your home entertainment system? Do you find your current speakers bulky and inconvenient? Well look no further because the Sony SS-B1000 effectively resolves that dilemma with the convenience of its ergonomic size without compromising that sweet sound quality we always get from Sony.

You all know that lugging around those bulky speakers around the house when you need to change the set-up can be bothersome. There’s always that awkward situation when you have to carry the speakers all the way upstairs because your kid wants to borrow it for the night. Well, with the SS-B1000‘s dimensions measuring at 8.5 x 6.7 x 15.8 inches and weighing just roughly 6.4 pounds each, these are amazingly compact speakers that can be moved around with ease.

Sometimes bookshelf speakers are underestimated for their size. Who would want to set them up if all you get is a fuzzy and barely audible whimper? With SS-B1000 Bookshelf Speakers, Sony just disproved everything people assumed about these little powerhouses. The SS-B1000 utilizes 120 watts of power and an advanced tweeter and woofer design that render your music perfectly— ensuring that you’re hearing the music just like as it was recorded. This is audio fidelity at its finest. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to get that same bass boost from its heavyweight counterparts, but still Goliath’s days are over because despite its size, this David has got everything else going for it.

Right now these are selling for $49, and for that price alone, many satisfied buyers have already raved about the quality, convenient design, and ultimately the affordability of these speakers. You’re definitely getting more bang for your buck.

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