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Reader Daily EditionReading is one of life’s simple pleasures. There is a certain “kick” found in reading that you just can’t find in watching movies or listening to music. Bringing a book or a newspaper with you is fine but dreaming of living in a newspaper stand or planning on putting the entire US Library of Congress in your backpack is absurd and short of unhealthy. Or not, Sony just announced that they will be adding a new member to their expanding Sony E-Reader Family. The anticipated baby will be christened Sony Daily Edition.
Reader Family
This dedicated electronic reading device will enable wireless access to Sony eBooks store and other affiliated sites. Users will be able to view, buy, and directly download electronic books, selected magazines and newspapers anywhere in the US. This is possible due to Sony’s use of AT&T’s 3G mobile broadband network.

The Reader Daily Edition will come in 7-inch wide touch screen panel capable of displaying horizontal or vertical orientation. For a more realistic paperback book reading experience, 30-35 lines of text are visible in portrait mode. This device will also feature high contrast ratio with 16 levels of grayscale and E Ink Vizplex technology to imitate the appearance of ink on paper. The internal memory of this device can store around a thousand eBooks but if that is not enough, expansion slots are available for more storage. It is basically an electronic library with internet access all wrapped up in a beautiful aluminum casing.

Read more about different E-book readers at GeekieStore.

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