Son of Hibachi!

sonhib_alt1Portable Barbeques are a great way to have the fun and enjoyment of eating your own thick slab of patties on the outdoors without having to have much burden on the bulk of traditional BBQ grills. However, portable BBQ also seem to equate long pre-heating time, cleaning would be much for a chore, takes time to cool down, very limited cooking area, and taking care of ashes is a huge mess.

The old time Hibachi BBQ brings it mini-me counterpart with the Son of Hibachi. This curse sounding BBQ device promises to end all of those portable nightmares that you can think of! First is portability. The folding design minimizes space while solving another problem of long pre-heating time. Folding the BBQ creates a chimney effect that blast heats the coal ready for cooking in just 7-10 minutes. When fully expanded, the total cooking area is 170″ which is very much enough for patties, kebabs, corn, etc. After being finished with all the cooking, folding it back would create intense heat that would heat oil and grease making them slide down to the chute below where all the trash is along with the ashes ready for disposal when convenient. The last is the cooling time period which is solved by the included Snuff Out Pouch that is made out of the same material that firemen use which cools the grill without hours of waiting or lots of water.

Durability, functionality and reliability are the best words to describe Son of Hibachi making it the ultimate portable BBQ.


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  1. ????? These have been around for at least 20 years. I had one. My FATHER had one. Pretty good for portability, but don’t be in TOO big a hurry to snuff it out when you’re done – You DO want to burn off that grease instead of scraping it off next time.

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