Solar Shower

solar showerIt is indeed fun to go out in the great outdoors to connect with nature and replenish your naturalistic intelligence with some fresh air in your lungs and green vegetation to your eyes. But going here and there leaves you feel sweaty and smelly that sucks even it is so natural. But no one wants to have a cold shower and a water heater isn’t really common in the woods. Then it is time to get some ever reliable solar power to get that warm shower you’ve been clamoring for in the woods.

Using a solar water shower bag is easy as other solar powered devices. You should let it bask under the sun for some time and then before you know it, it is like back in the civilized world again. Just let this baby bask under the sun and depending on the sun’s rays, you could expect a nice warm shower within a couple of hours. You might say no way to wait for a shower within hours but we aren’t talking single showers here people. Heating the whole bag means heating water for you and your family! The whole shower bag can accommodate up to 3-4 showers with its 4 gallon holding capacity. You could let this thing out by noon and have a warm shower by night that when want to freshen up. When it’s shower time, just let this hang on a tree or something and let the warm invigorating water clean you up.

Always enjoy a hot shower even without electricity with the Stearns SunShower.

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