Snowflake Digital Photo Ornament

snowflake_digital_photo_ornamentDone decorating your Christmas tree? For sure, you are since it’s less than 10 days to go before Christmas. But hey, you can always enhance your tree to make it more personalized. And the best way to do it is by adding the Snowflake Digital Photo Ornament.

Designed mainly as a Christmas ornament, the Snowflake Digital Photo Ornament allows you to store about 50 of your favorite photos and display them for everyone’s view. It features 8MB of internal memory, so you have lots of space to store not only your photos but also of your family and friends. And take note: such photos can be viewed either individually or as part of a slideshow.

How to use it? Simply download your favorite photos from your laptop or desktop computer to the digital photo ornament. Then, crop or rotate those photos until they fit well to the 1.5″ diagonal LCD screen. After that, you’re ready to hang the ornament on your tree for everyone to enjoy. Really that easy! And by the way, it uses a rechargeable battery, so no worries about spending on a new set of battery from time to time.

One more thing, the digital snowflake ornament makes a picture-perfect holiday gift. So, if you haven’t picked a gift to your friend or loved one yet, consider this on top of your list. You can give this in two ways: one, with downloaded pictures that you want to share and two, without, so that the one you’re giving this to can choose which photos he/she can download.

Buy the Snowflake Digital Photo Ornament at for only $39.95 now!

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