Slide & Negative to Digital Photo Converter

converter1It’s the digital age, thank goodness, and there’s no more need to lug around rolls of film during your travel expeditions. What used to be an expensive way to try and capture memorable moments is now a multi-shutter click away. Doesn’t seem like too long ago when we would scan countless film negatives trying to find the photos we wish to duplicate and send. If you were more on the pro level, then slides were probably the ones cluttering up your desk.

Gone are those days, but what do you do about the echoes of a bygone era?

If you find yourself scratching your head over your box of negatives and slides, and figuring out if it goes in the keep box or throw-away box, well we’ve found a nifty solution for that. No, we don’t suggest that you have them all printed out, scanned, then backed up to your PC. Technology is far more sophisticated than that.

Again, thanks to the digital age, it hasn’t forgotten the days when analog was in. Here’s a slide and negative converter to wipe your sorting troubles away. Created by innovative manufacturers Hammacher Schlemmer, this device can convert old photo slides and film negatives into a digital image. Now why didn’t they think of that already during the darkroom era?

This slide and negative converter holds a tray that can keep your slides and film negatives firmly in place. For sure you’ll get crisp and clear results, because this gadget boasts of a 5MP CMOS sensor that can churn out 10 bits per color channel for your data conversion. It also makes use of fixed focus and auto exposure plus color balance. So in the end, there’s barely any digital manipulation required on your part. This Hammacher Schlemmer device uses three white LEDs to light up your slides and negatives, and it scans your images up to 1,800 dpi. That’s way more than you can ask for.

Can’t wait to see your old stock come alive on your LCD monitors? Just hook up this device to your PC’s USB port. It even comes with a software that allows a bit of image manipulation and editing.

For only $99.95, you are able to keep your memories alive forever. That is a small price compared to being able to archive and securely store years of accumulated images, family photos, slides, pictures, and memorable moments. This negative and slide converter is truly one clever innovation that’s vital in bridging the gap between generations.

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