Sleek Outdoor Heating Using Poseidon

posiedon_banner1You might have been keeping that gas outdoor heater of yours to enjoy that ultimate patio view that really is a good place to stay during the summer but not when the cool days start kicking in and the wind chill making it worse. You can stick to your gas heater to keep you warm and comfortable but that piece of equipment is actually inefficient and even quite harmful to the environment with the CO2 emissions that it gives, not only making you hot but the world as a whole.

The Poseidon patio heater from Chillchaser is an outdoor heater that promises to do it all. It heats an effective area of 4 meters from the angle of the far infrared electric heater which is the most natural and versatile form of heating known to man allowing better metabolic activity without any side effects. The far infrared heating also eliminates the suffocating smell or smoke of traditional heaters since it is all electricity and that alone makes the heater up to 50% more efficient. Plus, there is a 40watt energy saving lamp on the top so you can read your magazines or that novel you’ve been wanting to finish. Other features of this patio heater is the weatherproof construction, outdoor LCD display, multimedia speakers, magnetic remote control, and auto off function which detects human activity and if without any activity within 4 minutes, it will automatically shut off further reducing costs.

That exquisite view of your patio shouldn’t be put off by the cold breeze. It is definitely a try to probably get this in the near future when it comes stateside.

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