Sit Back, Relax, and Fast Track Meditation, Hallucination with Trip Glasses

Stress. That’s one word that people, including you, encounter everyday. Who wouldn’t? In this tough economic situation, there are always times when pressure becomes really overwhelming. And it’s totally up to you how you will handle it. So, how do you cope up with stress? Do you go out with friends after a hard day’s work? Did you enroll in some gym sessions or sports? Do you indulge yourself in some treats like going to the spa, having a massage, or shopping galore? Whatever it is that allows you to relieve stress, it is good that you recognize such need and able to overcome it without the need for medications. But aside from all those mentioned above, there is also another way that can help you, in one way or another, relieve stress. And that is by daily meditation using tech gadgets such as the Trip Glasses.

trip_glassesNever heard about Trip Glasses? Okay, here’s a brief description about the gadget. Trip Glasses, which is referred to by Thinkgeek as “sound and light brain machine”, allows you to sit back, relax, and fast track meditation, hallucination. Simply put on the glasses and headphones, gently close your eyes, touch the button, and that’s it – the built-in LEDs will start to flash in sequences showing you trippy colors and patterns as you listen to some audio tracks pumped through the headphones. The blinking lights, colors, patterns, and sound will be interpreted naturally by your brain, putting you into some kind of gentle meditation, hallucination. After 14 minutes, the glasses will turn off automatically, allowing you to relax and just “go with the flow”. Now, if the light seems to be too bright for you, you can always place the small stickers, included in the package, over the LEDs to dim it. That way, you’ll achieve meditation or total relaxation at its best.

So, relieve stress now! Sit back, relax, and fast track meditation, hallucination with the Trip Glasses available at

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