Shoot Some Hoops with USB Desktop Dunk

desktop dunkYour computer desk should not only be for work but also for play! It should be conducive enough to stimulate bran cell activity while giving yourself mandatory periodic breaks. In line with that, a good USB gadget namely the USB Desktop Dunk would be a great addition to your USB gadget collection.

This thing is simple, just plug it into the USB port of your computer and it will work like an arcade hoop shooting game that seems to be ever present in every arcade. You might ask why is there a need to connect it to a USB port if you can shoot the balls without needing power. Well, it’s all about the whole gaming experience. Plugging it into the USB port powers to it allow sound effects and run a LED scoreboard to track your progress. It also have two game modes to suit different scenarios. When you need to practice, then the practice mode is great since there wouldn’t be a time limit for shooting. The other is the competition mode which gives you 2 minutes to make every ball count. Using the competition mode allows greater avenues for playing with friends and a little betting perhaps. Each set will come with the the playing area and 4 mini balls. It would also be best to think of different exhibition shots to impress people.

Improve acuity and skills with this Desktop Dunk.

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