Shoot it Simply with JVC Picsio

features_img_02From the same company that brought the world with crazy flat LCD and plasma TVs, astounding quality earphones, digital projectors and a whole lot more comes another that will add to the easy to use camcorder division. The JVC Picsio is like other easy to use camcorders that you just have to point and record. No hassle of removing lens or flipping or even changing the settings.

JVC works with that concept by removing the menu all together. Instead, it is replaced by buttons that are specific for each tasks. Like one buttons is dedicated for turning it on, choosing whether to shoot videos or stills and the button to shoot. In addition to the menu-less interface is the automatic image stabilizer that kicks in whenever it is aimed to shoot. This makes things work faster since no more long press to focus and angling things right to avoid blurs. This makes people with shaky hands look as if they have used a tripod.

Meanwhile, a direct viewing is possible through the HDMI port that can connect to a wide array of TVs and monitors. The HDMI port is useless if the device cannot maximize its capacity but not the Picsio. It can play back a full 1080p video in all its high def glory 8 megapixel glory. Sharing can also be done directly through YouTube or be synced through the iTunes since videos are encoded on the .MOV format.

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