Shocking Duel Tests Your Will

Newton’s third law of pain: Let go of the thing that hurts. Well, with the Shocking Duel, you have to be disloyal to Newton and everything he stood for. Shocking Duel is a game with no goal other than enduring increasing levels of pain. And whoever can hold on the longest, withstanding the increasingly powerful shocks wins!

shocking duelThere are two handgrips, one for you and one for your opponent. Each handgrip is approximately 13cm tall with a diameter of 10cm at the base and joined through a 40cm cable. The handgrips deliver electric shocks that intensify every 5 seconds, and each handle will be lit with a blue light. The shock is mild but masochistic. The longer you hold onto the handles, the more powerful the intermittent shocks become. Who would have thought 3 AAA batteries could pump out a jolt like that?

Now, this game of nerves, guts, and stupidity continues until one of you lets go. Of course, the first one to release the handle loses. As soon as one player lets go, the lights on their handle will turn red and the electric shocks will stop.

If you and your friends want to play a simple game yet so viciously cruel, then hit the buy button here!

Warning: This product should not be played by any person suffering from epilepsy, heart conditions, or other related illness and is not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

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