Sharp Netwalker – Say Goodbye Luke, Say Hello PC-Z1 Mobile Internet Tool

When the engineers from Sharp decided to cross an amazing threesome of Netbook, PDA and e-Book reader they ended up with an interesting offspring – the new PC-Z1 Mobile Internet tool or netwalker. And no, it is not related to Anakin or Luke but it can pass as C-3P0’s distant cousin from a galaxy far far away. The PC-Z1 Mobile Internet tool can be the nearest thing Earth has for a protocol droid. The netwalker can be an electronic dictionary, used to browse the internet, and read e-books. The device can also create and edit business and office documents like spreadsheets. This cool gadget is like a handheld laptop; the computing power of a PC and portability of a mobile phone rolled into one.
Sharp NetwalkerThe design pretty much resembles a miniature laptop with its 5-inch wide SVGA touch-screen LCD and full keyboard. The familiar design makes web browsing, chatting, blogging and working with office files simple and easy. One great advantage over other mobile devices is its long battery life reaching up to 10 hours and quick launch function. This unit can be used almost immediately like a cellphone.

Instead of C3P0’s AA-1 VerboBrain, the netwalker is powered by an i.MX51 multimedia applications processor made by Freescale Semi Conductors. For the OS, Sharp opted for its own customized Linux/Ubuntu environment. Netwalker also comes with a Wireless LAN, 512 MB fixed RAM and 4 GB flash memory for storage. For expansion options, it has a slot for memory card, a USB and mini USB port.

View the press release for Sharp Netwalker at sharp-world.

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