Send secret notes using the Invisible Marker Pen with UV Light

Human beings always have a way of sending the message across. There were days when lovers sent secret notes through crevices and cracks in the wall. Then, secret languages and the sign language was created. Spies also received audio messages in audio players that self-destruct after a full minute. Others aren’t too shy. They spend millions and hire blimps or ask a production crew to make a TV commercial just so they can propose to their girlfriends. When resources are little, man will find a way through it. If you are stuck in an island, either you make a large bonfire, write a huge SOS in the sand, or put a message in a bottle, hoping someone will come and save you.

This is the part where I introduce to you the amazing gadget we have found: The Invisible Marker Pen with UV Light.


You can use this marker to write everywhere and anywhere. People won’t be able to see it unless they have a UV light. So, basically, this gadget will be pointless unless someone with a UV light comes and reads it.

The marker can also be used to pen a tattoo on your skin when going to a nightclub or bar.

Obviously, this marker will be perfect when sending a secret message to someone. Even if the message gets lost and ends up in the wrong hands, you won’t have to worry since the person who gets the secret message… unless he, unfortunately, has a UV light.

The UV light can be used as an emergency light. The package also includes two additional spare batteries.

You can avail of your own invisible marker here.

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