Self Stirring Mug

mugInputting data, reporting to your boss, and making analysis sorts of stuff could be already a heavy burden on your modern working hands. But coming tired from home, you feel going for a hot cocoa and stir the seemingly insolvable concoction would just ruin everything. You are tired and the last thing you want to do is sweat your arms out for one mug of delectable drink of cocoa. But what if you have a mug that does the stirring for you? Interesting isn’t it? Read on.

This self stirring mug from removes the act of mustering energy from your already tired body. It basically does the job for you by stirring the mug’s content with just a press of a button. You don’t even have to move all of your fingers because all you need is your thumb for pressing the button! All that is left is pouring in the how water for you chocolate drink and then the powder. The tiny motor beneath the mug stirs the mug’s contents evenly giving you the perfect consistency all the way. This thing is reinforced all around to handle hot liquids and the lid provides a drinking hole when covered.

While designed for hot drinks, you can definitely also use this for other powdered beverages even if it is cold since the propeller can handle it all. Never drain all of your energy for stirring but start enjoying a perfect mug of your drink more often by getting a Self Stirring Mug yourself at the Gadget Shop.

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