Sega Pekoppa Robot Plant

Dogs, cats, birds, fish, and even hamsters. They all make great pets. Dogs, for one, are considered as man’s bestfriends. They make great playmates and companions. But what about plants? Do you ever imagine having a pet plant? Perhaps, if it could do more stuff other than grow, make oxygen, and die, that wouldn’t be far from possible. Nobody can teach a plant new trick or either feed it to eat, so how can it ever make a great pet? It can’t even respond whenever you do the talking nor look sad when you ignore it.

sega_pekoppa_robot_plantIt’s so sad that plants can’t do more than just grow and accentuate any room. But wait! Haven’t you heard about this new geek toy that looks just like a real plant but moves like your ordinary pet? No kidding, indeed there is a plant that can make as great pet! It’s called the Sega Pekoppa Robot Plant. Although it looks like a typical plant, it does more than just grow, make oxygen, and other stuff. It could actually bend and move in a very lifelike manner when you talk to it. And once you ignore it, it gets pretty sad. Cool, eh!

The Pekoppa only measures 6″ high and requires 3 AA batteries to respond to your voice. It really makes a great companion for your wife or girlfriend since it bobs, nods, and responds accordingly on your voice tone. This robot plant is kind of attention-seeker, but it’s a good listener, you’ll see.

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