Seagate Pulsar SSD – Solid Enterprise Data Storage Solution

pulsar SSDSolid State Drives (SSD) are the rave now on computer data storage especially in Notebook, Ultra-Mobile and Tablet PCs. SSD is basically solid-state memory based data storage device. The lack of moving mechanical parts makes SSDs faster (start ups and random access), quieter, lighter and more energy efficient than any other storage media especially HDD. Solid State Drives are also known to be less prone to failure and are able to withstand a bit more abuse than your usual hard disk drives.

SSD technology has been around since the 90’s but it failed to hit mainstream partly because of the cost. Still, if you can look over the more expensive per gigabyte cost, SSD is a fast developing young technology that you can see being used in more and more devices.

Now that Seagate released one of their own enterprise Solid State Drives – you can expect SSD to be the next household name in server and other similar applications. Pulsar is the latest 3Gb/s SATA SSD from Seagate designed to meet OEM performance, power efficiency, dimension, and reliability standards of blade and general computer servers. It uses Single-level cell (SLC) memory that has a faster and more robust performance than MLC based drives. Backed by Seagate’s experience, Pulsar offers an industry leading reliability boasting a very marginal 0.44 percent annual failure rate or AFR. With its compact 2.5-inch depth and 7mm height, this gadget is bound to be popular in blade server and other systems requiring a minimalist design. Seagate Pulsar is available in up to 200GB capacity.

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