Scanner, anyone?


This all new portable scanner feels like it just jumped out of a bond movie, really. Quoting,: “having one is like being Batman, except shaken, not stirred”.

Meet Docupen, a 9 inche- wide shiny reader that you could just simply drag along the document or picture, and in no time you have scanned it already. This finger-sized scanner, could scan up to 100 pages in its memory on an excellent 24 bit color up to 400 dpi.

100 is not enough? Well surprisingly, the docupen could also acceptalso has a micro-SD card expansion slot giving us space for more files.
•Â Â Â  Rechargeable portable scanner
•Â Â Â  No computer needed to scan! All images saved locally on the scanner
•Â Â Â  8MB onboard, expandable with microSD cards up to 2GB of onboard storage
•Â Â Â  Up to 24 bit color and 400 dpi
•Â Â Â  Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X
•Â Â Â  Connects and charges to your computer via USB
•Â Â Â  Unreal battery life. You’re likely to run out of memory before you’ll ever need a recharge

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