Say Goodbye to High Power Bills with TV Tricklesaver

Gaming consoles such as the PS3, Nintendo Wii, and XBox 360 are cool gadgets to have. Add a set of DVD player, LCD TV, and receiver and you’re off to a full entertainment beyond your imagination. All you have to do is to sit back, relax, and have fun playing or watching your favorite TV shows or movies.

Indeed, having tech gadgets at home is fun and entertaining. But wait until you see your soaring power bill. It’s either you faint in seconds or you go tearing up that piece of paper into pieces. A little bit exaggerated there, I know. But yes, a high power bill is not funny and entertaining at all. So, better figure out fast how you can reduce vampire power from game consoles, receivers, and DVD players.

tricklesavertricklestarGood thing, there is now a solution to your problem. Introducing the TV Tricklesaver – the gadget that does not forget when it comes to switching off all peripheral devices that you connect to your TV like your DVD player and gaming consoles. A lot of people think that once they shut off the TV, they already save power from doing so. True, only if there are no other devices connected to it which can draw power even if it is on stand-by mode. But if there are, well you can start saying hello to high electric bill by the end of the month.

So why not take advantage of this product from Tricklestar? The TV Tricklesaver will automically switch on or off all the other devices connected to your TV whenever it is turned on or off using the “inbuilt current sensing circuitry”. Now, you’re not only being eco-friendly there but also a huge budget-saver.

Need to learn more about power energy saver? Check this out!

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