Say Goodbye to Germs with Silver Seal Washable Keyboard


If you’re an average user of a PC like me, I can imagine that you’ll find lurking under those keys some dust, a few crumbs, the odd pet hair, a skin-flake or two, perhaps even a paper clip or staple, and if you’re lucky, a furry breath mint. Oh well, sounds like you need a Silver Seal Washable Keyboard.

The Silver Seal Washable Keyboard works just like any other desktop keyboard. But because it has an amazing waterproofing process known as Seal Shield, it is spill proof and fully washable. Being dishwasher-safe, it is a snap disinfecting it with scalding hot water and soap. You’re still going to take the initiative and actually clean your keyboard though, a task that’s too much to ask for some people. But you don’t need to worry about your Ps and Qs because its laser etched keys won’t fade in the wash and you can use it while it’s wet. Yes, really!

Silver Seal Keyboard features Antimicrobial Protection to resist microbial growth and combat the spread of whiff-causing bacteria with its silver ions. So now, if someone asked you which is dirtier, your toilet seat or your keyboard, you’ll be confident enough to answer that it’s your toilet seat. [Hopefully, it’s not anyway. Otherwise you’re one dirty dirty geekie – Ed]

So go be a neat freak and get your washable keyboard now.

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