Say Bye-Bye Stress and Sleepless Nights, Say Hello to Good Nite Lite

Putting toddlers to sleep can be such a difficult task for some parents. Let’s face it, not all toddlers easily recognize daytime from night time. So, the least that Mommy can do if she wants to put her little angel to sleep during daytime is to make sure her child’s bedroom includes blinds to make the room look dark. But for those who have already discovered this geek gadget called the Good Nite Lite, their problem on this is solved in a breeze.

The Good Nite Lite is designed as a programmable nightlight that helps your child distinguish between night time and daytime. As a result, your child’s sleep and wake cycles become more established, thus no need to force him/her to sleep. Isn’t it stressful when you keep telling your little one that it’s time to hit the bed while he or she is still busy playing? And it’s stressful on the child’s part either when he or she is being forced to sleep even if he/she doesn’t want too yet. So, eliminate that stress by helping your child learn that when there is Sun, it means morning and when there’s moon, it is night time.

So, how to use it? First, program it with the desired times you want for your child’s wake up time and bedtime. Then, plug it into any outlet where your little one can see it. When it’s night time, the Good Nite Lite’s Moon will shine brightly, and it will slowly dim as soon as your child drifts off to sleep to save electricity. And when the set waking up time arrives, the Moon will turn into a smiling orange Sun to let your child know that it’s time to get up.

Isn’t it great to have a gadget as cool as this? So, say bye-bye stress and sleepless nights and say hello to Good Nite Lite! Buy one now!

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