Satellite Radio Everywhere with XM SkyDock


Tired with free to air radio programs that leave you with 3/4 of the content? Of course stations have to earn too by giving 1/4 of the time you spend listening to them to commercials. Well, if you are willing to pay the premium then you can certainly enjoy commercial-free music, live sports, and even exclusive entertainment content right in your car wherever you are coast to coast with the XM SkyDock.

The SkyDock is an easy to install implement to your car that is specifically designed for use with an iPhone or iPod Touch. The SkyDock connects easily through the Aux in port of your car using the Aux in cable that comes standard in every SkyDock. In case that your car isn’t Aux in capable, it can still be used by being able to work with the existing vehicle radio making every car ready for the SkyDock. Now that you have your car set, you just need to download the XM SkyDock application on your iPod Touch or iPhone through the iTunes Store. Now you’re set to listen to uninterrupted live satellite radio content right in your vehicle. If you like the song that is currently played, you can easily tag it with just a press and you can download it in the iTunes Store and listen to it whenever you want!

The SkyDock is sold at $119.99 at various retailers across the country including the Apple Store but is available for just $114.99 at Amazon. Get yours here!

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