Sanyo Eneloop Music Booster

Sanyo, the maker of eco friendly eneloop products and other electronic gadgets, unwrapped its gift to mother nature on December 25 with its press release of the eneloop Music Booster. The Music Booster spawned from the idea that even in the entertainment arena of audio equipments, a lot of batteries are used. Like amps, graphic equalizers, digital effects unit, and multi-track recorders use 9V batteries  or DC power source. But when batteries are used like when an outlet is not available, stage musicians tend to just use fresh batteries every time even if it is not yet exhausted just to avoid disruption during a performance. I do get the reason behind that but a lot of waste is created in that process and that is where the eneloop Music Booster comes in.

The Music Booster provides consistent performance that lasts a long time with its lithium-ion rechargeable battery. As with other eneloop batteries, charge is kept even for long periods of inactivity. Voltage level of the battery is sustained at 9V until it is exhausted, thanks to the voltage boost technology which results to high quality output throughout usage. A handy battery indicator is in place so a quick glance on it can let you know when you need to charge again. Sanyo has determined the standard usage times to be:

*Analog effects unit (Distortion / Overdrive, etc.: Current used about 10 mA): Approx. 50 hours
*Digital effects unit (Digital Delay / Digital Reverb, etc.: Current used about 50 mA): Approx. 27 hours
*Digital multi effects unit, mini amp, or graphic equalizer (Current used about 100 mA): Approx. 17 hours
*Multitrack recorder or synthesizer (Current used about 300 mA): Approx. 7 hours
*Electronic drums or percussion (Current used about 1,000 mA): Approx. 2 hours

Not using the mentioned audio equipments? You can get the Mobile USB Booster for charging USB devices on the go.

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