Samsung Solstice

solsticeWe love our phones and we depend much of our life on it. It keep us on look for our appointments, meetings, assignments, and even keep us from forgetting birthdays. Aside from that, it should do what it is supposed to do and make us connected the best possible way 24/7. Well, teens have lead the way when it comes to phone manufacturers and the Samsung Solstice is one that won’t disappoint.

The Solstice is your personal assistant, perfected. That is how the Solstice is described by Samsung. It has great messaging capabilities with social networking applications making you more connected than ever.

Interface – The Solstice has a very finger-friendly interface using the TouchWiz interface making navigation around the phone easy. Large icons and clear words and letters make the menu easy to navigate with.

Design – A 3″ flush screen is the most captivating part of the device since the large 262,000 color screen is capable of displaying images, videos and even plain text at 400×240 pixel resolution giving clear and crisp details. The body is also very modern because of the round edges. It also has a built-in sliding keyboard when on its side so typing messages or making a comment on Facebook is easy. It has a pretty solid build and feel at 3.3 ounces with dimensions of 4.3×

Performance – Every click on the interface opens up fast and not laggy because of the streamlined operating system. Multimedia fronts of the Solstice won’t also disappoint you with the decent 2.0-megapixel camera that captures images and videos with good image quality and depth. This phone can also double as your music player with the headphone port located on the side with memory capacity able to be upgraded up to 8gb using a microSD card. Watching videos is also a pleasant experience especially with AT&T’s Cellular Video Service which specifically optimizes the video for best cellphone playback as if watched through your big screen TV at home.

Social Networking – This one is one of Solstice’ best assets since it is preloaded with a bunch of social networking apps like Facebook, Multiply, My Space, Yahoo Messenger and others. Getting to the apps is also easy since they are quickly accessible on the left panel of the home screen.

Overall, this phone is a decent mid-range phone. It has a very popular touch screen interface with a full virtual QWERTY keyboard.

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