Samsung E1107 Mobile Phone with Solar Panel

We love the Earth, and apparently, so do Sprint and Samsung.

Two weeks ago, Sprint announced it will launch Samsung’s Reclaim handset – a super eco-friendly phone made from 80% recycled materials. And now, another eco-friendly device from Samsung will make its way to the market – the Samsung E1107. The Samsung E1107, however, takes the cake for having a built-in solar

Yes, the Samsung E1107, also known as Solar Guru or Crest Solar, is the first solar-powered phone that can be brought back to life from a completely dead state with just 15 minutes exposure in direct sunlight. So stop thinking that the only solar-powered gadget is your mother’s calculator. Every hour of charging will give you 5-10 minutes of talk time [it doesn’t seem like that much but it’s certainly good enough to make a few fast phone calls].

As for the features, do not expect your jaw to drop because aside from the FM radio, flashlight, fake call feature [for avoiding unwanted calls], MP3 ringers, there is nothing noteworthy about the E1107, although it will come with an eco-mode that dims the screen’s backlight and switches off the Bluetooth connection.

If you’re interested, the Samsung E1107 costs a very reasonable $59.

Solar-powered devices are offered here.

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