Samsung BD-P4600 Blu-Ray Player – All I Want.

Samsung BD-P4600 blu-rayThe blu-ray invasion is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon. There will come a time that DVD will be eventually a thing of the past and High-Def will be the new standard of entertainment. For those who want to join the bandwagon early, you can’t go wrong riding with the new Samsung BD-P4600 blu-ray disc player. This player offers a whole new digital entertainment experience and more importantly a taste of the future.

Beginning with the physical design, the Samsung BD-P4600 is slim and light at 1.5 inches and can be wall mounted to complement on the wall LCD or Plasma TVs. To take advantage of High-Def, HDMI 1.3 input/output cable format is used to provide lossless quality video, images and audio even at maximum and 1080p settings. This blu-ray player is backward compatible with DVD and VCD and can play DivX movies even at HD 1080p.
samsung BD-P4600 player
Now for the best part, Wi-Fi! Who wouldn’t want wireless access to additional blu-ray contents and features? This means more interactive experience plus faster streaming and downloads. Using BD profile 2.0, downloadable multimedia items are easily within reach and additional online features like chatting is possible. This product will truly shine with Netflix and Pandora subscribers. Those with unlimited membership can enjoy immediate access to huge collection of movies via Netflix and music thru Pandora. The BD-P4600 clearly took advantage of advances in multimedia technology and liberally jammed it in this product.

Visit this site to purchase Samsung BD-P4600, another hot addition to the latest gadgets in town!

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