Samson Q2U Takes Performing and Recording to Whole New Level

500x_q2uThere are lots of ways to get your modern XLR audio into your personal or laptop computer. But if you’re looking for a cheap solution, the Samson Q2U Mic is perfect. It absolutely blends digital and analog functions to answer your need for both digital recording and live sound.

Do you need live sound for your presentation or musical performance? Then use the mic’s analog feature. If you’re in the studio, you can try its digital capabilities by connecting it directly to your computer. These features make it a must-have to those who have passion in performing or recording.

The Q2U microphone comes equipped with a USB I/O to get you connected to any live sound console, and an XLR output that hooks it up to any computer outfitted a USB input. This handheld microphone has an on/off switch that can be used to manage the audio to the XLR. This makes it possible for you to do a live performance and record it to the computer at the same time.

This ultramodern mic is also offered with an integrated 3.5 mm headphone jack that has volume control for zero-latency monitoring when you are recording. To make sure that sound reproduction is clear in both recording and live applications, this gadget is also provided with a cardioid pickup pattern plus a premium A/D converter with a sampling rate of 16-bit, 48kHz. The package also includes a set of HP20 studio headphones and a tripod.

With the Q2U, you can achieve high-quality sound and listen to it via the XLR connector or the USB interface. Get this versatile microphone at Amazon now. For less than $80, you can easily be on your way to bringing together digital recording and live performance.

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