Sager NP8690 Gaming Notebook Featuring Intel Core i7 Mobile Processor

Initially it was Dell, Alienware, and Asus who wanted to give gamers the ultimate gaming experience which was possible by using the new Core i7 processor and Nvidia’s latest graphic cards. Now, it’s time for Sager to take mobile gaming to the next level by offering game addicts what it claims is “the world’s most powerful 15.6-inch gaming notebook” in the form of the NP8690 gaming notebook.

Sager-NP8690-Core-i7-QM-NotebookOkay, so you all must be wondering what makes Sager say those words. To start with, this system is powered by the latest Intel Core i7-720QM, Core i7-820QM, or Core i7-920XM CPU coupled with the fastest notebook GPU ever – the Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 280M. Graphics this good are typically found only in the notebooks with a 17” or larger display. Utilizing the new Intel Calpella Platform with PM55 chipset, the NP8690 is capable of handling the latest Intel Core i7 mobile processor and 1333MHz dual-channel DDR3 memory to provide exceptional performance for ultra-realistic games and advanced multi-threaded applications.

In addition to the cutting edge processor and graphics technology, the unit also features a breath-taking full 1080P HD LED display to provide the eye-popping visuals that will make your gaming experience complete. This 7.4-pound laptop also sports stereo speakers and microphone, a 2.0-megapixel webcam, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth, a Gigabit LAN port, a 56k modem, HDMI and DVI outputs, four USB ports, an eSATA port, Fire Wire, an Express Card slot, a 7-in-1 media card reader, and a fingerprint reader.

For demanding enthusiasts and extreme gamers seeking a less cumbersome portable notebook and for those who thirst for record-shattering gaming performance, the NP8690 is the one true choice.

Other Sager NP notebooks are offered here.

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