Rubik’s Touch Cube

Modern tech consumers are always dazzled by how modern touch operated devices are. From phones, cameras, mp3 player to even coffee tables, touch interface is the thing that makes everyone in the tech world go gaga. Now, another age old favorite have gone 2.0 to the touch generation – the Rubik’s Cube.

RUBIKS-CUBE-touch_largeThe Rubik’s cube haven’t really evolved into something revolutionary for more than 20 years now since its launch in 1980. All that happened to it is some minor tweaks like mechanism, color, even the number of sides changed from the default 6 sides to as crazy as 12 sides. But now, the Rubik’s Cube transformed into the Rubik’s TouchCube.

The Rubik’s TouchCube is like the Palm Pre that revolutionized itself from it’s prehistoric roots. The TouchCube completely changes how the user interacts with the device. Before, the user has to twist each section to form patterns in order to solve the cube. Now, finger swipes are used to change the LED lights. It has a touch sensor to mimic your finger gestures and with the accelerometer (just like in modern gadgets) inside, it knows when it is upside down. It now also has sound effects that would correspond to movement of the lights. The memory function will remember where you left of in case that you don’t solve it in one sitting. Being electronically inclined, it now has a program that can aid users to solve the cube that could put an end to years and years of frustration.

For a steep price of $149.99, this is quite an expensive toy but is a novelty nonetheless.

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