Rotatable Dual LCD InterView System – Twist It, Share It

Two heads are better than one and in EVGA’s case, dual LCD monitors are definitely better than one especially if they are the new InterView system. EVGA, one of the world’s premiere video card and motherboard manufacturers, designed the InterView system’s pair of rotatable LCD monitor supported in a single stand. Each of the two 17 inch LCD screen can be rotated 180 degrees horizontally allowing two or more people on opposite sides to view on screen presentation and activities simultaneously. The dual LCD panel can be tucked 90 degrees from closed to full span apart; this feature can save precious workspace when needed.
EVGA dual monitorThe good stuff doesn’t end there, for each of the screen sports 1,440 x 900 resolution. This dual LCD system provides a new meaning to transparency as not only the visuals can be shared but the controls as well. Two keyboards and a mouse can be used with the system, allowing users to alternately manipulate the data and on on-screen information. In addition, there is the integrated webcam and microphone, allowing more users to participate in video conferences.

If that is not enough, 3 USB ports were also added in the system. This means more accessories and external USB devices can be used in conjunction with the system. Those features may mean little for regular home PC users. But in an environment where interaction is a must, it could mean teamwork, transparency, increased productivity and one wicked cool dual LCD system.

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