Rocky the Robot Dumptruck – Interactive Play, Interactive Fun

When boys move unto the really big toys like the Ferrari 308, Ducati Superbikes or the whooping 3650-horsepower monster mining trucks, it is safe to assume they started with something small to inspire them. It may have been their first red toy car, their first bike with training wheels or it can be the Matchbox Rocky Robot interactive dump truck. It may not be as mean looking as Long Haul from Decepticons’ Constructicon group but for a kid, it’s as cool.
Rocky the Robot
Long Haul may have his Decepticon buddies but Rocky Robot has your son as his next best friend. This toy has interactive sensors and motorized movement bringing out a cheerful animation. Rocky can also articulate more than interactive 100 phrases including funny jokes. That’s a lot better than Constructicon Devastator’s occasional grunts and “Prepare to meet your doom! Nothing can withstand the might of Devastator!” lines. For something like an age 3 years and up toy, the last thing you want your kid to learn is the phrase “Nothing defeats the Devastator! Nothing!”.

Rocky Robot is a good hardworking robot capable of dancing and illuminating his headlight. The moving joints and full tilting bed allows a great manipulative play experience. Children will love the toy’s interactive truck loading and hauling action. After all that hard work and play, Rocky can go snooze his way to sleep. Rocky Robot requires no assembly and come with the needed 4 alkaline C battery.

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