Rock On with V-Beat Air Guitar

There’s Slash of Velvet Revolver, Santana and Jimmy Hendrix along with the plethora of guitar deities that can make their electric guitars cry for mercy with their superhuman rifts and rhythms. There are also the rock star wannabes that tops the Guitar Hero collections with super combos and killer scores using their 5 button air guitar. And there are the rest who are hoping to play like the gods but want the nearest thing to the real experience, and not just depend on the 5 pre-programmed button of an air guitar. That is why SilverLit Electronics came up with the V Beat Guitar, an electric guitar simulator with motion sensors to help aspiring guitar aficionados to finally play like experts.

Made for ages 8 and up, the 4 x AA-powered V Beat Guitar comes with three modes; the Freestyle, the Easy Go with pre-programmed rhythms when you just can’t wait to unleash the rock star inside you, and the Pop Academy which is the best mode for learning how to play the real thing. The other features include MP3 player connectivity, special sonic sensor to achieve major, minor or 7th chords and even produce real tremolo effect. To begin your journey to stardom, check the product here.

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