Rihanna Kitchen Scale with Built-In iPod Dock

If you are as precise about listening to music as you are about measuring your food stuff on a scale, German manufacturer ADE has popped up a kitchen scale that comes integrated with an iPod dock, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tracks while cooking.kitchen-scale-ipod-dock-500x398The scale, which is curiously dubbed “Rihanna,” includes an LCD that measures 1.7 inches by less than an inch and an integrated 2 watt speaker that sits demurely beneath the glass measuring area. Playback control is taken care of on the player itself and the volume via the base of the scales. AC mains power input for the unit falls in the 100 to 240V range at 50Hz while the LCD is powered by a Lithium battery.

The scale itself handles loads of up to 11 pounds, graduated in .04-ounce steps. There’s a useful add and weigh tare function and an indicator to let you know how much power is remaining in the battery. It cannot, however, distinguish between kush or schwagg and it has nothing to do with the popular recording artist with the same name.

This Rihanna model isn’t released just yet, but is soon to be sold. When it is released it will cost you €70 or about $105.

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