Relive the Old Days with the Duck Hunter

duck hunterRemember the golden age of the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) in the 90s where games of sort molded our childhood? Like the Duck Hunt game where you get to shoot these ducks flying on the field ready to eat some bullets. The iconic orange light gun is also used to give you a simulated experience of knocking out those birds. Then relive those good old memories of shooting some ducks or probably let your son experience the fun with the Duck Hunter.

The Duck Hunter is like a real world Duck Hunt game. Instead of a virtual duck and a light gun, you get to shoot an ornithopter duck with an infra-red gun. The ornithopter is a battery operated duck that flaps its wings to fly. Though it is less cool by giving it 3 shots with the infra-red gun and it will fall out of the sky rather than being in suspended animation and disappearing like in the game, it is still amusing to see the duck fly around. The battery of the duck can be quickly charged for 10 seconds that will allow 40 seconds of flight giving you quick rounds of fun. It is generally suitable for indoor or outdoor use but due to the duck’s ultra light construction, be sure not to use it when it is windy or you would bid your duck goodbye before you even shoot it.

Let your son live the duck hunting days you had before by getting the Duck Hunter!

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