Recreate the bowling experience when you buy the Wii Bowling Ball

It is most likely that you are like a million other people who are crazy about the Nintendo Wii. If so, read this post to find out more on a new Wii accessory that has hit stores nationwide. However, if you are a Nintendo Wii addict and a bowling fanatic rolled in one, then you have come the perfect blog and reading the perfect blog post. The CTA Bowling Ball for the Wii might just change your life.


And in comes the new Bowling Ball for the Wii. Before, we played bowling games on the popular Nintendo console with the Wii remote which is way different from a real bowling ball. The Wii is supposed to make your gaming experience more realistic than ever, as if your driving a real sports car, or holding a real rifle. Why not heighten your bowling experience and opt for a close imitation of a real bowling ball?

To play, press the release button which will open up the bowling ball in half, put the Wii remote inside, put your finger inside the three holes provided at the side of the bowling ball, and you’re ready to play. However, be sure to put on the writst strap for safety and to prevent the bowling ball from flying out of your hand and destroying a really expensive piece of furniture, or worse, someone’s nose.

And though the toy looks almost exactly like an authentic bowling ball, the ball shouldn’t be released from your grip.

There are lots more Wii accessories you can use, to find more, visit this link.

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