Record Every Pressed Key on your PC Keyboard with the KeyShark Keylogger


Recording key strokes is now made easier by using the KeyShark Keylogger. KeyShark is a keyboard logging device which can record every key pressed on a computer keyboard – storing an exact copy of everything typed by the user. It stores all keys including function, special and arrow keys typed on a keyboard, and even key combinations. With enough capacity to store half a million characters (key presses), it can record the average computer user for many months and still have memory to spare.

Here are some examples where KeyShark might be use:

• Parents monitoring their children’s computer and Internet use.
• Employers in a company monitoring the way computers are used during work time.
• Software designers – in case of sudden system failure, the effect of the work is kept.
• System administrators – it helps them repair system after attacks of burglary attempts to recover original access passwords.
• Writing important documents – the keyboard serves as an archive of data. Very helpful with recovering of important information in computer failure cases.
• Detect unauthorized access to PC – you will learn about it when the computer is used when unattended.

KeyShark is just a small external device, looking like an adapter plugged into the keyboard socket. It is totally portable, which means it can be unplugged and the information can be retrieved to another PC without special software, as long as you remember the password. Yes, you can unplug it at any time without losing the keystrokes as it uses a flash memory which is permanent.

To boot, KeyShark is totally OS independent. It means that it can work with any operating system for computers like DOS, Windows 3.11, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Linux, OS/2, Sun Solaris, and BeOS. It does not work on USB keyboards currently though, and there are no adapters available to make it work on a USB keyboard. KeyShark only works with PS/2 (small round plug) keyboards and older DIN style keyboards (larger round plug, which required adapter). Do you think it’s worth a try? If so, you can purchase this spy gadget here.

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