Recon Instrument HUD Goggles – Information Up Close and Personal

Ski GogglesWhat does the G.I. Joe’s Delta 6 Accelerator, Spartan’s MJONIR and Tony Stark’s Ironman armor have in common except their hi-tech ultra tough exoskeleton? That would be the warrior within and more importantly – a really cool Head Mounted Display Systems with an integrated A.I. Besides, who can forget Jarvis? Sci-fi movies have a knack for inspiring some really cool gadgets like the new Recon Instrument’s new ski goggles with direct to eye HUD.

The concept goggle will be featuring some ingenious patent-pending technologies like state of the art sensors, optics and GPS. Furthermore, the goggles can display HUD information like performance statistics, navigation and communication in real time. Information like hang-time, vertical gain and loss, and speed can be easily captured and projected on the display. All of those data are presented in a clear cut way without getting in the way of front and peripheral vision. In addition, the HUD can be viewed only when needed. This hi-tech goggle almost doesn’t need constant input or interaction, thus giving the user the freedom to focus on their run. Just like in skiing, information is power and power means advantage over the competition.

Well, if you still can’t beat their run, at least you’ll know how much you need to improve. What’s more, owning a $450 worth of latest Recon Instrument’s HUD technology encased in the hottest frames in the very least is a victory in itself. Before having ideas about going on tweeter while skiing, remember that tough exoskeleton armor is not included with this device.

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