RC Wall Climbing Car

Spring break is not yet over, so it’s not too late to give your vacationing teeners something to muck around with in the meantime. Why don’t you give your son or brother the RC Wall Climbing Car? This is a nice thing to tinker with during vacation or during idle moments.


This zero gravity radio control wall climbing car is an astounding, gravity defying, remote controlled Humvee that really does just what its name implies – it climb up walls! Yes, that’s right! The RC Wall Climbing Car can drive up (and presumably down) vertical surfaces. Drive it straight to the wall and when it gets there, it starts to tilt upwards. This chunky beast of a machine works by using the opposite principle of the hovercraft and making a sealed vacuum between itself and the wall when it is inclined at an angle of 45 degrees or more.

At a glance:

• A remote controlled, gravity-defying Humvee
• Features advanced Air Venturi system allowing it to climb walls
• A Twin Toggle Controller
• Full instructions
• Suitable for 8years old and up
• Requires 1 x 9V battery and an internal rechargeable battery (both included)
• Size: 30.5cm x 19.5cm x 13.5cm

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